We match local students with local business.

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There are now Apprenticeships covering more skills and industries than ever before.

Apprenticeships are available at Intermediate, Advanced and Higher (degree) level, covering more than 170 industries and 1500 job roles, from advertising to youth work via environmental engineering and nuclear decommissioning.

Over 100,000 employers are employing or have employed quality apprentices in more than 200,000 locations across the UK.

At the Entice Project we match local students with local businesses.

Our aim is to help our community prosper by bringing together local business and talented students through an apprentice scheme that really works.

Keeping it simple: There are three main issues that Entice are addressing.

1. Promoting apprenticeships as an equally viable career pathway.

Over recent years all the focus has been for post 16 students to go into Further and Higher Education. We demonstrate that apprenticeships can be an equally viable career path and are therefore offering an informed choice.

2. Simplifying the application process.

There are many ways to apply for Apprenticeships and our feedback is that none of the routes are particularly easy to use or successful. Entice makes it easy with all the job vacancies online, in one place.

3. Clear signposting. An apprenticeship is a job!

Students and parents are confused about apprenticeships, as the emphasis seems to be on promoting the training providers offering apprenticeship courses not the businesses with the actual jobs. Crucially, Entice promotes the job first - training provision follows.

At Entice we're clear.  We keep it simple. Employers have apprenticeship vacancies: we have access to a recruitment pool of 1000's though our direct links with schools: we bring both parties together. Job done!

Who we can help.


  • We help you fulfil your apprenticeship vacancies.
  • We give you direct access to our schools' recruitment pools.
  • We help you form a relationship with local schools which has a host of benefits.


  • We help signpost apprenticeships as a viable career pathway.
  • We help get your students into apprenticeships with local employers.
  • We help develop valuable relationships with local businesses.

Training Providers:

  • We help you fulfil your employer apprenticeship vacancies
  • We deliver new employer vacancies with learners already in post.
  • We introduce employers with vacancies for your candidates


  • We help promote apprenticehsips to your child in school
  • We help signpost real jobs with real local employers
  • We make the process simple


There seems to be a lot of confusion about apprenticeships which means employer or training provider vacancies are not being filled. Businesses are not receiving enough applications and certainly not enough from quality candidates.

Why is this? We think it's confusing for students for these reasons.

1. Further and Higher Education is the number one focus.
Over recent years the focus has been for post 16 students to go into Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE). So, many schools geared up for this in Kirklees by using the UCAS Progress system to initially apply for Further Education and that's working really well. Students are fast-tracked into Sixth Form or College courses. In fact, perhaps it's too easy and successful? Some students are ending up in Further Education when really they would be more suited to a vocational career such as the Apprenticeship route. Also, progression onto University is not right for everyone, we all know the issues around tuition fees and graduates are moving into an ever competitive marketplace. Why shouldn't some of these higher achievers consider Apprenticeships? It's about having an informed choice and currently the facts show that Apprenticeships are not perceived as being the No.1 pathway.

2. Lack of signposting and confusing applications systems.
Also, there are many ways to apply for Apprenticeships and our feedback is that none of the routes are particularly easy to use or successful. But unlike UCAS Progress for Further Education applications, there is no comparable local and specialised one-stop shop for apprenticeship applications. UNTIL NOW.

Don't take our word for it. The Industry Apprentice Council (IAC), conducted a survey in 2015. Click here to see the full document but here's a snapshot.

Question 1: How did you find out about your apprenticeship?

  • 7% Careers Advisor
  • 56% Own initiative.

Unique filtering service

What's more we have a unique filtering service. It starts with Professional Futures Talks in school. A range of employers are invited into school to begin an awareness programme by talking about their business and the job roles within in. This is also an early opportunity for students to enage with potential employers. Through Taster Sessions and Work Experience we build up exposure of the student to the workplace well before any apprenticeship position is filled. That way both student and business have a really good idea of what to expect of each other and this minimises dropout rates.

We work with schools that are passionate about creating opportunities in the local community to benefit both the school and their students. Schools who understand that students must make the most of all opportunities available including access to immediate work environments as well as encouraging continuing education. This will enable them to achieve high standards and obtain the skills and qualifications they need to be successful in the future, whatever they choose to do.

Interestingly, 75% of the schools we work with have a Sixth Form. Schools are realising that it is not necessarily in the best interests of the students to funnel them through to Further Education and Higher Education.

What we are:

  • A local company that cares about the local community
  • A company with local intelligence of the educational and business make-up of Kirklees
  • Clear in our messages, no complicated systems or paperwork
  • Committed to making the apprenticeship framework work!

What we aren’t:

  • Council controlled
  • Subject to outside interference
  • Another scheme which won’t work
  • Another agency which doesn’t understand your needs
  • Based outside your area with no local understanding