Syngenta Apprenticeship Award

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Case Study: Syngenta Apprenticeship Award

We were delighted to be part of the team that contributed to Syngenta winning the Kirklees Apprenticeship Hub Employer of the Year Award 2016. Pictured Ian Nunn of Syngenta, Karen Fox, MD of Entice, Nigel Wright, Syngenta.

Entice supplied an endorsement of Syngenta, particularly mentioning Nigel Wright and Ian Nunn's valuable work to create awareness for apprenticeships not only at Syngenta but in the wider marketplace.

Syngenta Learning & Development Manager, Nigel Wright said, “Syngenta collaborates with Entice on a number of aspects of apprenticeships in our region, Entice has supported the development and delivery of Taster Days for Syngenta where we have jointly identified potential candidates who may be interested in applying for our apprenticeships.“