Westborough and St John Fisher Business Breakfast

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Case Study: Westborough and St John Fisher Business Breakfast

Over 40 students from two high schools took part in a networking event on Thursday 12th November 2015 with key note speaker MP Paula Sherriff.

Head teacher at Westborough High School Jennifer Napper welcomed over 20 local businesses representatives to their first Business Breakfast which was held in conjunction with St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy.

Paula Sherriff launched the event stating, “I am a great supporter of quality apprenticeships  and I’m delighted to see schools in my constituency encouraging students and parents to understand  the benefits that an apprenticeship can bring. The enthusiasm of local businesses to work with the schools can only benefit our young people and offer them sustainable options to access the world of work.”

Feedback from students was overwhelming positive. Year 11 student, Mohammed Ali Hussain from Westborough High school said “I networked with different businesses, learning what they are and what they offer.” Another student from St John Fisher said “I enjoyed the experience and I am looking forward to taster days and work experience.”

The event was organised by The Entice Project who help talented young people find local apprenticeships. Karen Fox Managing Director is passionate about promoting the apprenticeship route “We work with schools to identify potential candidates then help them engage with employers to secure an offer.”

Entice will now work with the businesses to organise targeted taster sessions and work experience hopefully leading to an offer of an apprenticeship.