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Welcome to Entice. Your search for an Apprentice starts right here with our 8 point Action Plan.

The Entice Project works with a growing number of schools across Kirklees. We help schools engage with employers to fill apprenticeship vacancies with quality, filtered candidates.

Keeping it simple

At Entice we're clear. An apprenticeship is first and foremost a job - with training. We keep it simple. Employers have apprenticeship vacancies: we have access to a recruitment pool of 1000's though our direct links with schools: we bring both parties together. Job done!


  • We help you fulfil your apprenticeship vacancies.
  • We give you direct access to our schools' recruitment pools.
  • We help you form a relationship with local schools which has a host of benefits.

What do you get with an apprenticeship?

On the job: Work-based training programmes designed around the real needs for employers.
Off the job: Learning which leads to nationally recognised qualifications for the apprentice

We offer a valuable service, where we can:

  •     Help you identify what type of apprenticeship would work for your business
  •     Identify the most appropriate training provider for you and your apprentice
  •     Support you through selection and recruitment
  •     Operate a “filter” service through Taster Sessions, Work Experience and full Apprenticeships

Did you know?

  •     There are over 200 different types of apprenticeships on offer
  •     Specialisms you might not expect like finance, HR and manufacturing
  •     There are many different training providers that operate in the local area
  •     You can have an apprentice without directly employing them
  •     Apprentices are cost-effective and lead to increased productivity
  •     They improve competitiveness and create a committed and competent workforce
  •     You can train apprentices from entry level right up to degree level and beyond!
  •     An apprentice is a great way to build your company's skills and prosperity from the inside
  •     Apprenticeships are based in the workplace so employers get the skills they really need

Please contact us to find out more or sign up now by following the 8 point action plan below.

8 Point Action Plan

  1. 1. Are you interested?

    OK, if you’re reading this, you should already know a bit about Entice and be thinking about taking on an Apprentice, offering Work Experience or a Taster Session in your business, or a combination of all 3!

  2. 2. Get informed.

    Read as much as you can by clicking the "apprenticeship information" tab on the left. Find out what is relevant to your business. Contact one of the Entice team to discuss your involvement further.

  3. 3. Register.

    Click register and fill in the simple form. We'll need to authorise your account before you can access the full website and create your Company Profile. You can edit your account at any time.

  4. 4. Upload vacancies.

    Post the vacancies you have available. We encourage you to offer 3 options. Taster Sessions, Work Experience and Apprenticeships. There is no set formula. We will tailor any sessions to fit in with your business.

  5. 5. Search Students.

    Look through the student profiles, try to find a skills match with any students and invite them to apply for your range of vacancies. Don't have any vacancies at present? Help your community by offering a Taster Session or some Work Experience - this may be no longer available through the school.

  6. 6. Try before you buy.

    Offer a Taster Session first to students to create awareness of the real life work opportunities out there. Filter further by offering any "stand outs" some Work Experience before deciding if you would like to go ahead with an Apprenticeship. We are trying to find a match that works for both parties.

  7. 7. Your results.

    Did you find a student who fits the bill? Do you need to keep looking to find the right person?

  8. 8. Need help?

    The Entice representatives from your local schools are on hand to guide you through the process.