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Entice can help your school in the following ways:

  • We help signpost apprenticeships as a viable career pathway.
  • We help get your students into apprenticeships with local employers.
  • We help develop valuable relationships with local businesses.

Contact us to arrange your free assembly and to discuss a range of bespoke initiatives to assist your school.

The project is open to all Year Groups from Year 7 through to Year 11. Years 7 through 10 focus on building awareness of the apprenticeship framework, whilst Year 11 ultimately aims towards successful placement in an apprenticeship position.

Creating awareness of Apprenticeships from an early age is key. This includes outlining the ‘stereotypical’ apprenticeship positions such as engineering and hairdressing but expanding on that by demonstrating that there are opportunities right across the business infrastructure. From sales, customer service, HR, marketing etc.

It also should demonstrate that it is a legitimate pathway to gaining higher level qualifications as opposed to the expected route through Further and Higher Education.

The project’s main unique selling point is an innovative “filtering” service. This offers a build up of exposure of students to the work environment through Professional Futures Talks, Taster Sessions and Work Experience. This enables both students and business to understand each other well before any apprenticeship position is filled.

Events held at the School such as Breakfast* and Brunch Meetings help to create awareness for the scheme throughout the community. A bespoke website has been developed that showcases the students and businesses and helps make a match.

Existing links with local businesses should be optimised. Businesses are keen to engage with schools to gain access to the workforce of tomorrow.

The backing of parents is also key as the transition from school to work often needs parental support in the early stages.